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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO or else "Search Engine Optimization" is a basic process for every serious web development project.

Professional SEO has 2 side coins, "On-Site SEO" which is the working part on your website, and "Off-Site SEO" which is network of links that must be developed around your website or in another words, the work on other sites. On constructing a successful website both SEO sides are necessary.

In order for search engines to evaluate your site their crawlers go through all these backlinks to determine if your site receives enough traffic, increasing the chances of a higher standing on search results. Offently these crawlers count the number of backlinks and rank your website accordingly. Google for instance uses a 0 to 10 rating system for all indexed pages which is called "pagerank". The more backlinks pointing to your website, the higher the pagerank of it and as result the higher its position in search engine results.

"Off-Site SEO" is also divided to "white-hat SEO" which causes positive results and "black-hat SEO" which causes negative results. "Black-hat SEO" is emerged by websiteds already flagged as inapropriate, mainly because of their massive lameness, spamming or hostile software. Opoks provides only healthy backlinks and all our backlinks are manually checked one by one before indexed.

The use of opoks web directory is a great link building solution. You are able to have a link that goes directly to your site and that helps to improve your standing on search results. Getting more and more of such links will increase your site's visibility and finally will attract new and returning visitors.

Thanks to the simplicity of our directory, you can have a healthy link posted shortly. Any webmaster can get started with this, and everyone should. If you have a website that you feel is not performing to your expectations, a SEO boost may do the trick. Healthy backlinking is a great deal of benefits awaiting you while you increase visibility.

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